2019 Is Going To Be Huge For Backpacks For The Street!

Within the new year, BFTS is going to become a much bigger force, helping the homeless population. The dream is to supply the people on the streets and in shelters with guided help making their lives better bit by bit.

We will be expanding our reach to other cities across the country in 2019 with several states already in the works.

But we need your help to make this dream come into fruition. By making a donation, you will help provide backpacks full of everyday essentials and navigate avenues to necessary services. By volunteering with BFTS you can be part of our team assembling and distributing backpacks to those who need them.

Why not head over to our volunteer testimonial page to read about what people experience while assembling and distributing backpacks.

Head on over to Facebook to read what people are saying about BFTS.

Stay tuned because we will be making waves of change

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