A Few Great Reasons To Help A Homeless Person Today

In case you needed them, here are a few great reasons to help the homeless if you aren’t already yet:

  1. You would want someone to help if you were in trouble and needed a hand.
  2. The next person may not choose to help. It’s up to you.
  3. They are people, just like you.
  4. Your chance to help others.
  5. You have the time and money even if you feel you don’t.
  6. You want to make a difference.
  7. It’s the right thing to do.
  8. It makes you feel good!
  9. They appreciate it and it gives them hope.
  10. Good things happen to you when you do good for others.

There you have it,  terrific reasons to reach out to someone you don’t know and give, just a little of your time or money. No one is asking for anything major here, so don’t worry about that. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most to the people receiving them. For instance, you can take a look around your house and gather up all your spare change (you’re not using it). You’ll be surprised at how much you find all over the place.

You can donate it to a homeless shelter or, better yet, buy some inexpensive personal care products and make up small hygiene kits you can keep with you and give out to homeless people when you see them on the streets. And, remember to say “hello” to people you meet on the streets. They’ll be glad you did and you’ll feel more connected to the people you’re helping.


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