Helpful Avenues For Homelessness

Google's definition of helpful is:help·ful/ˈhelpfəl/adjective: helpfulgiving or ready to give help."people are friendly and helpful"Here are helpful resources for New Yorkers:Help For Homeless FamiliesHomeless: Family Services Information from the City for homeless...

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Misconceptions of Homelessness

At Backpacks for the Street, we feel strongly that homelessness does not define an individual. Before anything else, that person is a human being. A human with dreams. Skills. Compassion.While this is our stance, it’s undeniable that stereotypes about...

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We Do NOT Smell!

I overheard this on the subway today:Homeless people smell like urine, are dirty and do not take care of themselves.- Uneducated person When I was homeless the most offensive comment ever said to me was: It’s a...

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Difficulties With Nutrition

“Access to food is a basic human need and a fundamental right.” —American Dietetic Association Homeless shelters and soup kitchens – social institutions prevalent in most major cities across the USA – serve as the primary food source for the majority of homeless...

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Hypothermia and Homelessness

Cold weather poses a threat to those experiencing homelessness even when temperatures seem mild. Hypothermia can set in when temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but many shelters don’t open until it’s much colder. Hypothermia is a medical...

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Fight to Help Those in Need Continues

While BFTS welcomes holiday donations, we want to remind people that we operate year round and donations are always open. Without the generosity of kind hearts, we would not be able to do what we do.The reality is our program, and other programs that help...

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2019 Recognized Holidays

Why is it that people generally volunteer only on Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Years? Even if you volunteer for the holidays on the list it still isn't enough. Why not got to a soup kitchen or food pantry to volunteer say once a month. Or walk...

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2019 Is Going To Be Huge!

2019 Is Going To Be Huge For Backpacks For The Street! Within the new year, BFTS is going to become a much bigger force, helping the homeless population. The dream is to supply the people on the streets and in shelters with guided help making their lives better bit by...

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Ways To Help

Here are a few suggestions and ways that all of us can help. And not all require putting out money or being inconvenienced:1. See the person, not the stereotype, and make a human connection. People who are homeless -- on the street and in shelters -- are...

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Types Of Shelters And Services

Day Shelters supplement homeless and low-income people when the shelter they are staying in only offers shelter on an overnight basis. Case management is often provided and sometimes there are laundry and shower facilities. Meals and basic hygiene may also...

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