Hot Chocolate For $1.

t might not seem like much to you but a hot chocolate from McDonald's can help warm the hands of a person freezing on the street. It's a temporary band-aid but it can definitely help. Each winter, thousands of homeless New Yorkers struggle to...

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The FemPacks

The FemPacks It can be difficult for homeless women to access personal or feminine hygiene products. Not only is it a monetary concern, but it can also be culturally embarrassing or viewed as taboo to seek out these menstruation products. Tampons and sanitary pads...

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Poverty & PTSD

I was starting to get close to One World Trade Center, days before the anniversary of 9/11. I turned to head to catch a train home when I stumbled upon Charlie, an almost 78-year-old African American. His makeshift bed made from cardboard, newspapers, and rags, were...

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Anonymous Helper

So THIS just happened. I was walking around, near Bryant Park, when I came across a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk. I began filming a time-lapse video of all the people walking by, not even looking his way. Suddenly this man walks over, tucks a few...

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Fox 5 NY Interview

Jayson and I are being featured on FOX 5 / on Monday at 6 pm., about Backpacks For The Street. Today, reporter Antwan Lewis Fox 5 News interviewed me and followed us on the street giving out backpacks. Monday, Jayson will be live with Ernie...

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Homeless On The E Train

To the a-holes on the E train this morning, just because someone is homeless, it DOES NOT give you the right to act superior or harass and disrespect them. This is Lou, who was minding his own business, not bothering anyone, when two jack-asses in suits...

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This Is Jorge

It’s midnight, and the temperature outside is in the 20’s. On this particular night, Backpacks For The Street’s co-founder, Jayson Conner, talks with Jorge who tells him that the only place he feels safe taking shelter is inside New York’s Port Authority....

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Why Is Alex Invisible?

A few weeks ago, I met a kid named Alex (pictured below), a 22-year-old boy, who came to New York City five months ago full of hope that he would find salvation here. After a month of staying with friends, he ended up penniless and homeless, a state of...

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Meet Miguel From Guatemala

This is Miguel, He and his brother are homeless. This morning, I found them huddled together, asleep, trying to stay warm, outside a building across the street from us. Their story is so heartbreaking. They immigrated from Guatemala five years ago, in...

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