FREE Yoga & Meditation Classes Via Technology


As many businesses worldwide close their doors as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, yoga, and meditation studios are struggling to make ends meet. Both are starting to offer online live streams as a way to stay in business and help their instructors get paid during this time.

These studios are also committed to boosting morale through the power of workshops and are engaging not only their local community through modern technology but people around the world with positivity and light.

For a great at-home workout this week, check out the online classes from these yoga and meditation studios:

The Yoga Shop
is offering yoga classes with your favorite Yoga Shop teachers on Zoom and Facebook Live.

Zenya Yoga
wants to support the community during this difficult time by offering FREE YOGA CLASSES FOR EVERYONE

Golden Soul Yoga & Meditation
A 20 minute Guided Relaxation designed to be listened to lying down.

Hempfield recCenter
offers zoom courses of yoga and meditation

Sahaja Yoga Meditation
Free Classes Worldwide Experience the peace and joy of true meditation. Free classes for everyone, suitable for complete beginners and regular meditators. No physical exercises, postures, or special clothing required.

The SolePath Institute
Introduces Free “ZOOMing Virtual Meditation Mondays” with Dr. Debra Ford Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions on Mondays

The Mindfulness Network
offers free mindfulness and compassion sessions.

The Mindfulness Association
offers daily meditation sessions.

Mindfulness in Schools Project
offers daily online mindfulness practices.

The Sanford Institute and the Compassion Institute
provides daily streams and recordings of mindfulness and compassion sessions.


More and more these days we reach for our phones for everything. Here are some FREE yoga apps that will help you reach further with tranquility and grace. (hopefully LOL)


Free Yoga Apps


Yoga for Beginners | Mind+Body

This is one of the most highly-rated yoga apps for beginners. All the classes are free, and you can select from options that suit your purpose, from bedtime yoga to classes geared towards toning and improving flexibility. We’re eyeing the “butt toner!”


5 Minute Yoga Workouts

Life is busy and yoga doesn’t have to take a long time. That’s the philosophy behind 5 Minute Yoga, which offers a wealth of practices that take—you guessed it—just a handful of minutes. Hold each pose for a minute each to get their full benefit. Better yet, it’s free.

Simply Yoga – Home Instructor

You may be a beginner but would want to have a detailed workout session so that you can move on to the next level soon. In that case, the Simply yoga app is the answer to all your problems.

Daily Yoga: Workout & Fitness

Having a large yoga pose base this app comes with more than 100 yoga and meditation classes available. There are exclusive daily yoga programs that work to give you the power to achieve your daily goal.

Rest, recharge, rinse, and repeat. Utalize free meditation and yoga along the way. 🙂 

Stay safe and be well.


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