To the a-holes on the E train this morning, just because someone is homeless, it DOES NOT give you the right to act superior or harass and disrespect them. This is Lou, who was minding his own business, not bothering anyone, when two jack-asses in suits got on the train and began to verbally assault him, DEMANDING that Lou give them his seat, telling him that he’s what’s wrong with this country.

The clincher was when they began threatening to call the police.

No one said a word.

So I piped in and said I was calling the police too. Immediately, these pricks assumed I was backing them up. At which I looked right at them, and said, “This man has every right to sit there. If you don’t stop harassing him, and back the f**k off, I will call the cops on both of you.”

One just kept going, babbling on that being a taxpayer gives him the right to a seat over a “homeless freeloader.”

I could see this was going nowhere.

I told Lou he was welcome to sit there as long as he wanted, handed him the breakfast sandwich I got on the way to the train, and looked at these mofo’s and said, as a taxpayer myself, I hereby give my friend Lou my seat for as long as he wants to sit there.

Then added, “Be gone before a subway falls on you,” and suggested they change cars. And they did.

Seriously, I would choose to spend a day with Lou over any amount of time with arrogant, bigoted haters who think clothes and make a man. They’re proof, it doesn’t.

We need to be a voice for the Lou’s of the world.

Please join the movement and help us continue to make a difference.

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