The FemPacks

The FemPacks

It can be difficult for homeless women to access personal or feminine hygiene products. Not only is it a monetary concern, but it can also be culturally embarrassing or viewed as taboo to seek out these menstruation products.

Tampons and sanitary pads usually top the list of needs at shelters, since they’re pricey and supporters don’t often donate them. Compounding the issue is the fact that clean showers are also scarce, and not washing during menstruation can lead to infections.

People keep asking about our commitment to hygiene issues affecting women and trans men. We take it extremely seriously and make it a high priority. Last week alone, we passed out 130 FemPacks, with roughly 3,200 maxi-pads.

Women account for 39.5 percent of homeless individuals and 29.2 percent of those who are homeless without shelter.

Around 77,000 homeless people, New York City has the largest homeless population in the country.

New York City’s Homeless Shelter Population: 2018

  • Total number of homeless people in municipal shelters: 63,559
  • Number of homeless families: 15,572
  • Number of homeless children: 23,136
  • Number of homeless adults in families: 23,035
  • Number of homeless single adults: 17,388
    Number of homeless single men: 12,805
  • Number of homeless single women: 4,583

Since March, we’ve given out more than 12,000 feminine hygiene products. And the year isn’t over yet.

Help us help the ones who are in need.


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