I enjoy posting questions on Quora.com because of all the different answers you get from people on any given topic. Yesterday I asked: “What would you do if you saw a homeless person being attacked by two teenagers when he or she was standing there minding their own business?”.


Here are the responses:


Frank P.

Minding his own business?  Then pretty soon there would be two teenagers limping home.


Jess L.

I would call the police, take some pics, and then inform the two teenagers that the police were on their way.


Wilmary T.

I would handle it if I thought I could, or I would call the police and report an assault. I would make sure the homeless person got medical attention if he or she required it. And I would get pictures or video of the attackers to share with the police.


Lional G.

Same thing I did when two teenagers attacked me with a screwdriver in Tijuana.

I screamed like a witch and leaped at them like a mad, crazy bitch. They suddenly got all big-eyed, scared, and ran off.

I wouldn’t stand there and let them hurt a person simply for being homeless. I’m not made of that cloth.


Mark O.

To be honest, it would depend on whether or not they were BLM supporters. If they weren’t, I’d intervene to help the guy. If they were, and I was in a Republican-run city, I’d call the police. In a Democratically-run city, I wouldn’t bother because they may not be allowed to help.


Chris N.

Exactly the same thing I’d do if I saw anyone else being attacked by anyone: Call the police, get as much video of the attack as I could, and make sure the attackers know someone is watching.


Sally E.

Those youngsters would get an extremely painful lesson. And not just because the person is homeless either.

Think about it. Two teenagers attacking a single individual!

So depending on the particular incident. Are weapons involved? Regardless, bullies are usually fixated on their targets.

That opens them up to a blindside attack. Whoops.

Also, depending on the severity of the attack. If the teens are attacking with a baseball bat. Then the reciprocal beating that they would receive will go to a whole new level of pain.

Officer, I feared that the gentleman’s life was in jeopardy of serious bodily injury or death.

The use of lethal force might be required.


Rex M.

If I saw anyone being attacked, I would first call 911 and then try to record the interaction.

I was going to the gym, and I was friendly with a black postal worker who showed up when I did early in the morning. He lost his job as he was accused by a co-worker of making threats. It took him a year to get a hearing, and the accuser did not bother to show up and so the case against him was dismissed. But he was on the street on and off though he both worked, and I gave him a few thousand dollars as work dried up with COVID. He is merely a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is back at work, and I hope to get my money back and use it for inner-city schools.


Gunther Q.

I would do what most people do; watch and video it and upload it to YouTube.


(*names have been changed to protect privacy)




Some of the responses were definitely unique. And they gave food for thought. What do you think about the answers?




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