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Hero of the Day: Co-Founders Jeffrey Newman and Jayson Conner.

“Their nonprofit helped the city’s homeless by distributing backpacks such as food. Since covid-19 they’ve handed out more than 20,000 backpacks. They have helped those in need with housing, rehab and HIV care.

They are heroes of the day.”

— Good Day New York, Fox5NY, June 2021


BIG things come in small packages. It may look like our volunteer is the giant in the photo, but the little guy in the chair is far bigger, stronger and braver than most of us could ever hope to be, refusing to allow his adversity to overtake his enormous strength to live life on his term, homeless, physically challenged or otherwise.



Gay, HIV+ and homeless, 32-year old Bryan is struggling on the streets unsure of how to avail of programs that provide housing and health care to people living with the virus.

We got him food, essentials and are now working on get him on meds and connected with services to keep him healthy and sheltered.



We first met Larry at the start of the COVID pandemic. When we first approached him, Larry assumed we were in the same food insecure state as he was and without thinking twice offered to share his half a bagel.

Here he was with nearly anything, but offering us what little he had — at a time when food was scarce, the city was shuttered and no help was hard to come by.


042421 BFTS Stevie

This is Stevie. Barely 30, she’s having to survive on the streets after ending up homeless just after her eight-year old daughter’s death.

But she believes it’s all going to be okay choosing to see a light in the darkness.

Such strength for someone so young, and having suffered such a loss.


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