Backpacks For The Street

A grassroots movement to bring compassion and dignity to the streets, and make the lives of the homeless better.


Homelessness in NYC is at an all-time high, accounting for 14% of the nation’s homeless population.

Nearly 71,000 people are living in NYC shelters nightly, including 22,511 children, up 82% from 10 years ago.

That does not include the 5,000-plus men and women living on the street.

Gift of Hope

For someone homeless and living on the streets — many of whom feel invisible and helpless — a backpack full of food, toiletries and necessities is about hope and dignity.

We don’t just hand a person a backpack and walk off either. Our team members spend time with those in need, treating them with compassion and offering them solution-oriented help.

Since launching in March 2018, Backpacks For The Street has given more than 4,000 backpacks, 17,000 feminine hygiene products, 14,000 Mylar blankets and over 2,000 meals to the homeless and hungry.

From CBS-NY (above) to Fox5-NY (below), see our work, the people we help and what we are about.

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“Homeless and humiliated.” That’s what Kenny’s sign said when we met him. No one should that way because of their circumstances or being down on their luck.

No longer feeling hopeless, Kenny is in the process of gaining housing and on a path to getting off the streets. 

We first Jonathan Martinez in Fall, 2018, when he was only on the streets for a few months.

The following 12 months was a tough go, ending up in despair and at rock bottom.

Today though, Jonathan is sober, in housing and starting his own biz.

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